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Canvas Storage Sheds

There are different types of canvas sheds available in the market. Depending upon the material used for the shed , they are used for various purposes. Canvas storage sheds are used for different purposes like rain sheds for industries, mills, and construction sites, Godown for sugar bag storage , chemical storage sheds,restaurants extensions, terrace sheds, temporary sheds for festivals,exhibitions,fairs and workshops.
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The types of different canvas sheds are

  • POLY (HDPE) TARPAULINS : They are fabricated from heavy duty HDPE woven fabric, laminated on both sides with UV stabilized plastic film. Heat welding makes Tarpaulins 100% waterproof . These Tarpaulins are lightweight, rot proof, durable, easily repairable and very convenient to use.

  • COTTON CANVAS TARPAULINS : They are made from either chemically treated or wax treated cotton cloth. Tarpaulins are useful to cover raw materials, finished products and machinery, used as liner for trucks, tempos, railway wagon. It is also used for green house, poultry curtains, floor under lays, canal/pond lining, multipurpose use at construction sites and other industries for protecting materials.

  • CANVAS TARPAULINS: The canvas tarpaulins are used as tarpaulins,tents,outdoor camping tents,laminated cover sheets and monsoon sheds are designed to protect goods from rain and weather. They are made for industries, mills,construction sites, protection for warehouses, mills, godowns, chemical storage sheds, restaurant extensions, terraces, temporary sheds for festivals,fairs and exhibitions.

  • COTTON CANVAS TARPAULINS : It is an economical product which undergoes several quality checks and is totally waterproof. These sheds are strong, durable,available in attractive colors and convenient sizes.

  • MULTILAYERED CROSS LAMINATED COVER SHEETS: These sheets offer maximum protection from rain and weather. They are strong,durable,easy to install,do not tear or expand easily.
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